The Life of Gerhard

Besides coaching the local team in Mayana and helping them on their way to independence one of many many other responsibilities – thanks for that Meme 😉 – also was to make the third film about Gerhard – well actually I really enjoyed doing it.

The first film “A Day in the Life of Gerhard” was made when Gerhard was 12 years old and since then every two years there has been a documentation showing the change brought to his life by MCP.

Over several weeks I followed Gerhard – who was a little annoyed by that – around to get some footage about his life in Mayana and to document what has changed in his life since the first film had been made. He now has a baby brother, his dad build a new house and they have a water pipe that pumps water from the school’s borehole – well sometimes 😉

I had to use all my charms to convince Gerhard who is pretty shy and not very talkative to tell us about what life as a teenager in Mayana is like. He will tell us about his relationship with his parents, his friends, school and his hobbies. He also explains what the biggest change in his life was over the past two years and will let us know what his hopes and dreams for the future are. All accordingly to the motto “Put your eyes on tomorrow and your feet on today”!

So check out the newest film and meet my friend Gerhard – a lovely young man!

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1 Response to The Life of Gerhard

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s great! Many thanks. You have added another important step to a long term documentary which is now starting to unfold when watching the 3 films.
    Panda nene.


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