Albert 1 – Mouse 0

A few nights before I went on my little vacation, a mouse had been keeping me up all night. I had bought a baguette which was wrapped in plastic foil, in a bag and covered with a kitchen towel. When I woke up from a noise in the middle of the night, a mouse was nibbeling on the kitchen towel. Luckily I could prevent any damage to my breakfast! Martha told me that they have many mice in their house and she showed me what they had done to her cloths. Since I have some experience with African mice and I didn’t want any iPhone chargers or cloths to be eaten I stored everything away. Also I thought it would be good to be away for a few days, so maybe the mouse would leave if there was no food crumbs what so ever to be found. 

The night I was back Gerhard, Julia and I were sitting by the fire when I heard a noise from inside the house. And there the little bastard was again. It must have been really hungry since it came out early evening. I called the kids for help and we chased the mouse. Gerhard was able to smack it of the shelf but before he could step on it, it escaped. 

But the mouse got risky and returned again later. This time Joseph and I cornered it and called Michael and Albert for help. But the clever mouse knew how to pick the weakest link and ran across my feet. I could feel it on my feet all night and the thought of it still makes me shiver! 

Although the mouse escaped underneath my bed I had a pretty good sleep. But when I woke up I heard the fricking mouse again. I got all the stuff from underneath the bed out because I thought that’s where it built a nest. I was also worried that it would have babies and they’d all attack me during the night. And there it was! I quickly went to get Michael and Albert. Albert brought a piece of wood along and I knew how this would end. 

We spotted the mouse and chased it all around the guesthouse until it was trapped behind a foldaway table. Michael was on one side and Albert sat at the other side his weapon of choice ready. And then BAAM! I covered my eyes and was screaming histerically. The boys just said “Don’t be scared. It’s dead!” I think they couldn’t imagine that I felt sorry for the poor mouse. I am still happy though it’s gone for good. 

Just in case we checked if it had a nest, but there was none to be found. Hope it really was a loner and no mice will bug me again.



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