Checking up on me

Every night one of the kids has to come over while I’m cooking to keep me company. So far I always felt sorry for them because I hammer them with questions but they don’t really want to make conversation. They are obviously not enjoying to hang with me and can’t wait to leave. 

Tonight Albert who is 13 was the one checking on me. I like Albert because he is talkative and seems interested. When Approach, the family dog, came to sniff around,  Albert wanted to know if I too have a dog at home and I told him about Timo. I got my phone to show him some pictures of Timo. He was flipping through them very interested but not just about the dog. He was most curious about the gras Timo was hiding in. “Is that gras natural or do you plant it?” he asked. I told him that it grows naturally like that and he replied “You have good gras! Very good!”. I never met a 13-year-old before who was wondering about gras, but I could imagine where Albert’s question was coming from. 

I asked him if he wanted to look at some other pictures and he quickly said yes. I was wondering what might interest him and showed him pictures from a skiing trip. He was fascinated by the mountains and the snow. He kept asking if it was really snow or just water. After he was finished with those I asked him what other pictures he would like to see. “Any!” he said with big eyes. 

I checked my phone again and was wondering which ones I could show him…Karneval? Oktoberfest? Mmhh maybe not…but I found some pictures of a wedding he could take a look at. He checked them all out very carefully and made sure he wouldn’t miss a single one. Every time he saw any woman with brunette hair he asked if that was me – he even pointed at the bride 😉

Looks like he is facing the same challenge as me since I’ve been having the hardest time to to tell people apart – they all look the same to me and everybody seems to go by “Joseph” or “John”. 

Then Albert was called to have dinner and I could just tell that he would have loved to stay to look at some more pictures. Guess he will be the first one to happily check on me again 😄

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