Games Tournament


On Saturday Klaus, Ratio and Gerhard hosted a games tournament for kids. A couple of weeks earlier we created a poster and hung it up in the shebeens in Mayana. The registration fee was N$1 (which equals about 7 Euro cents) and there were going to be refreshments for every kid who’d sign up. So the registration fee was just to cover a few of the expenses. Also I had brought over some prices which were donated to MCP. There were coloring pens, gliders, a water coloring set, a calculator, twists, a flashlight and so much more for the kids to enjoy. I also brought over a game for the kids to play which turned out to be the most exciting and fun one. I actually got it from this years “Kohltour” so thanks to Beate for that!







So the games tournament was scheduled for 8am which meant I had to set my alarm in the morning. At 7am Klaus came over to pick up the prices and he borrowed some canisters. He came back 3 times because he always forgot something. I thought this was going to be an interesting day since he also told me that he forgot to preorder the bread the night before.


When I got to the center just before 8am I once more learned about “African Time”. Even though the poster said “games tournament starts at 8am” and kids were already outside the center, it was more or less a reference for when we would meet up and get everything ready. So we arranged the tables and set up the games. Klaus had put up 2 sets of “memory” and 2 sets of “4 in a row”. I suggested that it would be more fun to have different games but I noticed that they were not very happy with me making changes. So I settled for my frog-game and convincing them to bring in “Sorry”. So we had 6 game stations in the end for 2 kids to play each other.

I had to shake my head though at Klaus who was in charge for not preparing everything in advance. He could have drawn the table for keeping score, hung up the banner and so on the day before. So we did all that in the morning. The kids didn’t really seem to care that we were running late and were just hanging around, playing and watching. Klaus promised to prepare and organize everything in advance the next time. We’ll see…

So we actually started with the tournament at 9.30am and they brought in 6 kids who played each other at 3 stations. I asked them, why they didn’t fill all the stations and they explained that they do it by groups. So when the first round was played the 6 kids moved to the next station and they still left all the others open. I watched this one more time and then told them, that this was just silly and we should fill all the stations since there were 24 kids who signed up for the tournament. I think they figured that there was no arguing with me this time 😉

Watching the kids playing was just too cute and it didn’t really matter that some of them didn’t know the rules or how to play. I was assisting them with “Sorry” because most of them had no clue about that one at all or even how to role a dice. They were all having a lot of fun and very proud when they finished a game in their favor.

DSC00349After all the kids had completed all the stations we handed out refreshments for them. After all Klaus had managed to get the bread and Ratio had gotten some orange concentrate so we mixed that in the canisters with water. The kids had to line up and were given a cup of juice which they had to gulp down because there were only 5 cups available, but none of the kids even cared that already others had been drinking from the same cup. They also got their bread and
who wanted could line up again for more juice – guess how many did 😉DSC00345DSC00352








When all the juice was finished and they ate their bread, we had them line up again so each and every one could receive a pen which I was given from work. Thanks DB Vertrieb for that! The kids loved them especially because it’s back to school on the 30th of May and they can really use those pens. After that we announced the winners of the tournament. We had picked out the prices earlier and saved some for the next tournament. The three winners were very proud and of course loved their prices. Most importantly none of the other kids seemed jealous or sad, that they didn’t win. It was a fun day with the kids and great to see the kids enjoy themselves. Also how happy they were with the sirumbu’s game and I think it will be an all time favorite. 😉

It also made me a little sad though and I was happy that I was wearing sunglasses when giving out the refreshments and pens. I just can’t describe that feeling I get when seeing those kids celebrating receiving a to us worthless giveaway pen or super simple toy any kid in Germany would just toss or tell their parents how stupid it is. It just makes me think a lot…



DSC00394 DSC00389 DSC00395

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5 Responses to Games Tournament

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I know those “sun glasses”. These are the moments of reward and understanding why this work is important, never mind how challenging and tough things are at other times. Teach Klaus as many games as possible, he loves and appreciates it and he is a dear, caring soul. Precious moments they are, never to be forgotten!
    meme Monika

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  2. elkedieterich says:

    9:30 is pretty much on time…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christoph says:

    Very nice one! Enjoyed reading this and looking at the pics!

    Liked by 1 person

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