How many Carry-on Pieces do you have?!

Today I have been telling myself: one step at a time. 
I started the day of with a nice long shower and was thinking “mmhh, when will be the next time, I’ll get to enjoy this” and I spent about 2hrs in my bathroom- and as most of you know it’s not exactly a spa temple 😉

After finishing the last bits and pieces at home, I was picked up by the “Romme Club” to go to the airport where Monika, Christiane and Mollie where already waiting for me. It was so nice to have a goodbye committee! Thanks guys! 

At the checkin counter everything with my big bag was fine, but then I was asked to put my carry-on on to the scales and the guy frowned. 

“That’s 11kg and you have a backpack and a laptop, too?!?”

 “Uhm well yeah?!” 

“And it’s just you traveling?”


“Well that’s too much. I’ll have to check with someone.”

I had a brief adrenalin shock but then a supervisor approached us and smiled at Monika.  

“Ah you again. We know each other right?!”

“Sure do.”

“Well that’s fine then.” 

Puuuhhhh…I was prepared to pay for an extra checked bag. 

Now I am just hanging at the gate texting with friends and taking last minute calls. I know Joseph is already waiting for me at Windhoek so everything is running as planned. 

Next step: getting my visa approved!

Next time you here from me, I’ll be in Windhoek! REKERA! 

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