…and what are you going to do there?!

A frequently asked question when telling people about my social sabbatical is “…and what are you going to do there?!”. First I just replied that I am going to support a project as an interim advisor. Not really sure myself what that actually meant. After a while I added that I was donating my time and expertise as a professional to help the local team in Mayana to run their projects.

But finally I have the actual answer to your question 🙂

In general my responsibility is to coach Joseph, who is one of MCP’s most important contact persons from the community and manages the local team, and the rest of the team in order to support the development process of the Mayana Community Project. I will give advice on how to improve each project or how to organize daily business, I will help the team to achieve their goals and will assist the team to advance their projects.

MCP had presented a whole catalog of things that need long-term endorsement. Since I will have to cope with complex and unforeseen situations in Mayana and have to work with slender resources there is no way that I could tick of the whole list in just 2.5 months. So together with MCP we agreed on a few key priorities that I will work on with the local team. In order to empower the local team I will be working very closely with them. The collaboration is necessary in order to create a common foundation, to assure a knowledge transfer and to achieve a sustainable success when my time in Mayana comes to an end.

During my time in Mayana I will coach Joseph on how to guide the team and how to run weekly check-ins or one-to-ones. I will also help him to set up a bookkeeping, filing and documenting system. I will help Klaus and Gerhard to market the services of the community office. Together we will select a new partner for Klaus to operate the office since Gerhard will soon be going to school out of town. We will work out a business plan for the office. Since one of the office’s services is teaching computer courses we will also elaborate a training concept and a training manual for the courses, as well as defining the price system of the courses and developing a marketing concept for the courses.

Besides the responsibilities within the project I have also committed to making the third film “Life of Gerhard” and promised to build a small prototype of a charcoal fridge  to preserve the harvested crops, which I am really looking forward to doing!

Reading this, it looks like there won’t be much time for slacking…mmhhh I might have to rethink the whole “taking time off of work”-plan 😀

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1 Response to …and what are you going to do there?!

  1. elkedieterich says:

    …und die Bauanleitung ist sogar in Swahili…das ist ein Zeichen, dass du auch einen für mich hier in Kigamboni baust 😉


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