Favorite Quotes

“You have very good grass in Germany.”

“Your skin is too soft!”

“I want to marry a white woman someday!”

“You must plan for kids now!”

“You don’t stay at a lodge?”

“Why are you staying in the village?”

“You must have a rich husband if you can stay in Namibia for 10 weeks.”

“So which presents have you brought us from your rich country?”

“No rush in Africa!”

“If I marry you I will move to a good place in society.”


“Oh you’re from the country that colonized us.”

“Only you whites celebrate birthdays. And rich blacks.”

“He’s a food killer!”

“Is there milk in your breasts?”

“In Germany do you sit around the fire when it’s cold?”

“Normally I am scared of white people, but you are a cool person!”

“Mururani Gate – where the real Africa starts!”

“It’s fantastic what you’re doing, you’re an angel!”

“What kind of rich person doesn’t have a car.”

“Africa is always somehow getting by.”

“I wish you would eat meat!”

“Are there blacks in Germany?”

“You are starting to look like Damara.”

“We won’t just miss the food, we’ll miss you, too!”

“From now on June 25th will be known as “The Day of Christine”!”

“You look like a real African woman now!”

“You got to shake it. African ladies like to shake it!”

“In Every town there is a good and a bad guy!”

“Number One!”

“Guys, I strongly advice DJ pillow and club sleeping bag are waiting for you!”

“How wonderful is that!”

“They will not accept your US Obama Dollars!”

“You all bring so many electronics like your iKindle, iSamsung and iNokia.” 

“Have you seen me? I can handle a white woman.”

“Can you help me a sweet?”