What’s for Supper?

I have to say that I have never been so challenged with fixing something to eat as during my first couple of days here in Mayana. 

It all started with shopping. What do you buy when there is no fridge to store stuff?! Therefore I mainly decided on fruit, 2-minute noodles and canned veggies and I will also give oat meal another chance. The shop run was fun since we used the local transport and all the people where wondering what that “sirumbu” is doing on the back of the truck and where the hell she was going. I had no idea what they were saying but I sure was the center of attention.

On my first morning I just wanted to boil some hot water for some tea, so the gas cooker would do for that. It took forever though and I decided from now on I will just light the fire for cooking. First I had to chop up some wood though, but apparently I was horrible at it, so Joseph steped up and gave me a hand. Klaus and Peter – both part of the center team – we’re kind enough to light the fire that night. I watched them very closely and thought “easy as, I can do that”. 

The only challenge by then was, that it was pitch black outside and I had to run in and out of the house to get my things for cooking. I couldn’t decided if my head light should be on or off – either I couldn’t see what I was doing and where I was going or I was busy with fighting the flys and bugs off. In the end the 2-minute noodles and veggies actually turned out quite nice though. I just have to figure out a way not to burn myself all the time, get runny eyes from the smoke and how to not make a mess and get all dirty.

On the next morning I was excited to start the fire on my own but there was just no way. Luckily Julia, Joseph’s 7 year old daughter, showed up and helped me – well after she shuck her head in disbelieve at my attempt. 
At night I was sure that I could do it but again I failed. Every time I thought I had started the fire and left it just for a little while to get my stuff from the house, by the time I returned it was off again. Gerhard, the 16 year old son, came by to check on me and relieved me from my misery. As I planned to have potatoes with baked beans, I thought at least that would go quickly…far from it. While the potatoes were no problem, I struggled with the can for quite some time. But my new best friend “Mr Leatherman” and I made it after all. Next time I’ll go shopping I’ll have to make sure though just to get those cans with a lid. 

Tonight I did it! I made my very own first fire! I must have done a pretty good job because everyone came over after dinner to sit around it 😉

Also my dinner in my new pot turned out pretty tasty! 


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2 Responses to What’s for Supper?

  1. Monika says:

    Great to see and hear you mastering the challenges of daily life, congratulations! There are some fabric shopping bags to avoid plastic and for your next meal of beans, you could get the dried ones and soak them overnight. Keep going.

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