Visiting the Mayana Primary School

Before I left Germany MCP wanted me to take many materials along to bring to Mayana – to be honest I was not too thrilled about it because I only was allowed 23kg of luggage. And as you know I had a little trouble at the check-in counter. Among those materials were also some football jerseys from the German soccer club “Karlsruher SC” which have been donated to MCP and I was supposed to hand them to the primary school.
During my first week in Mayana I met with Titus who is one of the heads of department at the school to discuss with him when I could bring the jerseys over. I thought I just come back the following day, but he told me that he will have to talk to the principal and the other staff about it and he would organize a meeting with them and myself once the school reopens in June. I thought it was a little bit too much fuss about me giving the school some jerseys but I agreed to him getting back to me.

Mayana (438) Mayana (440) Mayana (448)

School reopened on May 30th while I was away at Ngepi Camp so Joseph set up the meeting with the school the following Monday. I was supposed to get to the school at noon so I could meet the staff and principal. Joseph told me that the kids had been informed that a visitor was coming and that they had prepared a little performance. When Joseph and I got to Titus’ office he presented a little agenda and it felt like I was royalty visiting the school. Then I met the principal – aka hippo in a tie – and he only addressed me as “Madame”. So they gave me a quick briefing about the “ceremony” and when I was up for handing over the jerseys.

The classes ended early and all the kids from grade 1 up to 7 had to assemble in the schoolyard. Then we all stepped out of the office and of course the ceremony was started off with welcoming me and thanking the Lord for that. Actually this time I really enjoyed the reading from the Bible because it fitted the situation. The whole management team had a part in the ceremony except the principal – I figured it must have been because of his limited abilities of speaking English. After welcoming me the school choir sang a few songs and some students had prepared a cultural performance. Then Joseph was introduced to introduce me. So now the floor was open to me and once again I was very happy for my sunglasses and therefore I was only able to give a very brief speech. It was unbelievable how happy those 500 kids and teachers were that I brought 8 – actually let me spell that out for you: EIGHT – worn out jerseys. They had 8 kids from the school’s soccer team coming up to the front to put the jerseys on and to take pictures with me. The teachers all got really excited and got their phones out and I could hear them saying “I’ll What’sApp it to you” or “I’ll post it on facebook”. The ceremony was closed with another dance and Titus thanking me once again for the shirts and asking God to bless me and to keep me safe.

Mayana (455) Mayana (459) Mayana (460) Mayana (476) Mayana (486) Mayana (496) Mayana (500) Mayana (509)

So I would like to pass the school’s appreciation on to those who have actually donated the shirts to MCP.



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