My new Home

On May 2nd Joseph and I left Windhoek to make our way to Mayana. From Windhoek we had to take a mini bus – although the times of life chicken on the busses are over, it was still an interesting experience. The were about 15 people cramped on the bus that would actually just seat 9 passengers. First no one wanted to sit next to me and an old lady suggested that I should sit in the front but when I refused, she was brave enough to sit next to me with her grandkid – who looked pretty funny at me in the beginning, but warmed up to me during the trip. Also the grandma must have thought that it was a good idea sitting next to me after all since I provided her with water later on.  During the whole drive the driver was playing his favorite kind of music and singing along – luckily I wasn’t the only one who was bothered by it.

IMG_0009                         IMG_0008





After an 7 hrs trip from Windhoek we arrived in Rundu where we did some last minute shopping before continuing on by taxi to Mayana. I was pretty happy to find out that Rundu pretty much offers everything you also find at home. Only there is no barbequing in the middle of the shopping center.

We arrived late to Mayana just when the sun was just setting and I was sure that I will like it here. IMG_0011.JPG

After Joseph introduced me to his family, I started to settled into my new home. Since I was still pretty tired from the long trip, I just unpacked and put up the mosquito net. Fortunately I still had some left overs from my lunch package so I didn’t need to cook which turned out to be a challenge on the next day.

Here are some impressions of my new home in Mayana:

DSC09923     DSC09922


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  1. Ingo says:

    Hi,your new home looks like the ponterosa Ranch. Very nice.

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