Ding Dong the Mice are gone

Unfortunately it turned out that the mouse who lost the battle to Albert wasn’t a loner after all. Just the following evening I spotted another one. Escaping into hiding underneath the shelf. At least this time it was a much smaller one and not so noisy. Also I found out why they kept returning although I had stored everything away and didn’t keep any dirty dishes around. Apparently there had been three boys who previously engaged in a trip to Mayana with MCP visiting again during their travels around Namibia in April. And you know boys and their abilities to clean…so I discovered a tray on the bottom shelf where many pots and pans are stored that I never used and there were signs of dried spaghetti to be found. Thanks guys for that!!!

I cleaned everything and stored the pots and pans properly on the shelf. I took Joseph’s advice and built a Namibian mousetrap out of a bucket filled with water and some pap smeared around the rim. I placed it close to the shelf so the mouse would get on the bucket, smell the pap and think there would be more inside the bucket. Also Joseph said that if there were more mice and they’d hear their friend drowning they’d think that he is enjoying a feast and would also fall in. So I sat out the trap and was again very grateful for having earplugs.

The next morning I carefully approached the bucket taking a peak but I only found all the pap from the rim gone and no mouse inside. Damn that sneaky little bastard! This was it! I was getting a proper trap!

Although everyone here has mice in their homes it was very hard to find a mousetrap in Rundu. First we tried my beloved store “Build it!”. They only had two already opened packs left and suggested buying those traps. To me they looked like crap and I told them I wasn’t going to spend money on their broken traps and left. We checked another building supply store called Pupkewitz and they referred me to a supermarket. There I found a great pack of metal traps for just N$ 30 which equals about €2,50. So I was very eager to get home to set out the traps.

Martha gave me some cooked chicken skin to put on the trap. I never knew that mice like it but trusted her. Getting the trap ready was a challenge. It was so strong and snapped on me a few times that my fingers got cut badly and blood was dripping all over the floor. I finally managed to set out the traps only to find them later empty but not even gone off. That was one clever mouse! I returned to Martha to get some pap and put them out again. The next morning the pap was gone but still no mouse caught. I hoped that it was getting fat now and therefore wasn’t able to move so quickly and we could just catch it like the first one. I checked the traps though and noticed that the plate was actually sitting on the ground and therefore not pulling the handle out which was holding down the snap. Leatherman to the rescue! After adjusting the traps a little and loading them with roasted melon seats I put the traps out in the evening again. I was sitting with the boys by the fire and they were just fascinated with the traps wanting to check every other minute if the mouse had been caught. All in a sudden, I heard that metal snap. The boys ran in first and grabbed the trap with the dead mouse. Of course I had to scream and cover my eyes. They laughed at me but I didn’t care. They got the mouse out for me and we put the trap on the shelf since I didn’t have any more seeds to reload. Since I had only seen one mouse, I was sure that it was over, but just in case I left the other trap sitting out.
IMG_0641The next morning I was woken up by another metal snap. Since it was still early I was on my own to take care of that one. I just got the duster’s pan and took it outside. It almost made me vomit. When the kids woke up I asked for their help to get the mouse out. Screaming a little although this time it was more for the show helped to make it fun for them. Joseph was amazed by my success rate so I lent him one of the traps for his house. At night he sat it up and he was catching mice non-stop. I also caught another one and reloaded. This time the trap has been untouched ever since and therefore I think that I either caught all of them or they relocated. As long as they are gone I don’t care. Don’t mess with me ever again!IMG_0625

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