It’s been a while…

…since the last time I’ve attended a church service. And because Joseph is highly involved with his church, I decided to tag along and give it a try. 

On Sunday morning I got up as usual and at about 8:30am Joseph showed up to inform me that he was just about to leave and that I should follow with his wife Martha and the kids at 9:15am. He was all dressed up and all in a sudden I felt not dressed for the occasion. I asked him if I should change or if I should wear a long dress, but he just replied: “The cloths don’t matter, it’s the heart that counts!” I thought that was really sweet, but after he left I decided to change anyways because I didn’t want to embarrass him. 

It was quite a long walk to the church and later I was told, that’s why some people don’t show up every Sunday. But they are planning on building a new church – and by that I mean something more like an essambly hall – closer to the village. 

The service started at 10am and there were not as many people as I expected, just about ten adults and 15 kids.  The service was held by Pastor Daniel in English and Joseph translated everything to Rukangali simultaneously. Therefore and because they were very passionate, to me it was a loud yet almost aggressive service. He started off with welcoming everyone and especially  me. He praised the Lord for bringing me safely to Mayana, shouted out a few Hallelujahs and what not. This was followed by singing and dancing along. I couldn’t really tell if it was just one long song or a mash up of a whole bunch of songs. Just heared a couple of Lords, Jesus, Holy Spirits or Hallelujahs once in a while and clapped along like everyone else. Although it seemed like everyone was doing a different beat and rhythm it sounded pretty good, I just tried to keep up with the guy in front of me. 

After singing the floor was open to anyone to share thoughts. One guy explained why his wife couldn’t be here, the next one talked about his sick son and Joseph apologized for not being there the previous Sunday  because he had to pick me up in Windhoek. And of course everyone welcomed me to Mayana and thanked the Lord for that. 

One guy made me a little uncomfortable because he started talking about Apartheid and how our skins were different but if he would cut my arm to the bone our blood would be the same. Then he explained that his father is not a believer because he has 3 wives, but he himself is and we should all take just one wife. Hallelujah! Freaked me out a little that dude! 

Anyways…of course I also had to come up to the front to give a speech and praise the Lord – loved it…NOT!

I thought this was it but then there was more singing, reading from the Bible and praising the Lord. Then there was prayer time and everyone just started to say their prayers out loud – really loud – and some fell to their knees. This lasted for about 15 Minutes and when the pastor tried to finish it up there where people still not finished. 

After another round of singing the pastor started to preache. And I have to say it was the most awkward preache I’d ever listened to: 

A woman went out of the village into the bush even though the headman told her not to. She was caught by a lion and brought to the jakal’s house. When the lion left, the jakal got hungry and cut of the woman’s ears  and ate them. The lion returned and noticed the ears gone. The jakal told the lion that humans don’t have ears. The two of them argued about it and decided to go to the village to find out. At the village the people were talking about the missing woman and how one man saw her going into the bush. The headman said “That’s what happens when you don’t have ears!” So the jakal was right after all. The end! 

This was the short version by the way! 

The story was to tell us that we are believers who should always stay at home and should never go out drinking or smoking. 

Then it was time for donations and to receive a blessing. And there was finally a song I knew! Kumbaya my Lord!   

After introducing the new Sunday School teachers and telling the parents to sign their kids up, the service was closed. It was an interesting experience but I can’t take nearly 3 hrs of this every Sunday. 

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