When Showers become Options

During my first conversation with Monika she mentioned that I would have to go down to the river to fetch water e.g. for the shower. In my mind I had made my peace with this but it wasn’t the worst to hear that there is tab water available from the primary school’s borehole after all. 

So far getting water for doing the dishes and showering has been easy peasy…until this morning. As every morning I wanted to take a shower – btw I’ve mastered the ice bucket challenge by now – but after I got all soapy there was no more water to rinse of. Dang…I had to go to the house to get a previously filled bucket of water to finish showering. So no washing my hair today then. 

When I told Joseph that there was no more water, he explained that the primary school must have turned the water off, so from now on we will have to fetch water from the Kavango River. 

Therefore this afternoon the kids and I took the donkey cart to fetch the water. I enjoyed the bumpy ride on the cart to the river, especially because the kids were racing to show off. We walked about 7m into the river to fill 10 25l canisters and a few 5l ones. Getting the filled up canisters back on the cart really was hard work. I couldn’t believe how the kids do this every day without even complaining or arguing.  


Back at home we unloaded the cart and I pumped up the water to the tank! Nice workout for your arms, but I’ll be super sore tomorrow. And the tank was only filled half way…

I asked Joseph how long the water would last and when he said that we would probably have to go again tomorrow, I prayed for the school to turn the water back on soon. 

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9 Responses to When Showers become Options

  1. beingadaisy says:

    I am loving your blog. Thanks for finding time to share your stories.


  2. Andreas says:

    I had to weightlift 500 liters to the platform every third day during my last friends trip to Mayana! Then we purchased this useful pump … 😉

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  3. Monika says:

    In case the water doesn’t come back from the Primary, I suggest to follow Jess’s rule:”If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown wash it down!” (And pull up the handle before a whole 8 liters have gone)By the way, you probably know now why I always bath in the river…..

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  4. Mollie Franke says:

    Hi Christine, Thank you for sharing all the adventures I am taking notes. Please give my best to Joseph and his family we are excited to visit. Send me an email if you need anything.

    Liked by 1 person

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