117 Days in Southern Africa

For quite a while I had been longing for taking a break from my job. After many considerations, what I could possibly be doing during this time off…taking a language course, expanding my professional education or just go travelling…it became increasingly clear to me that besides taking a break from daily work-life, recharging and getting a new perspective, it was also particularly important to me, to do something meaningful in my life. So I decided not just to take sabbatical leave, but to undertake a social sabbatical.

Therefore I volunteered in Mayana, Namibia in 2016 for 2.5 months with the non-profit organization Make Change Possible. As a consultant I helped the team in Mayana to develop the community center and to further their activities and programs offered.

After finishing volunteering in Namibia and hopefully having contributed to making a change in peoples lives, I will traveled around Southern Africa from Cape Town, South Africa to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for 7 weeks.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my experiences and adventures in Mayana and on this wonderful continent!

11 Responses to 117 Days in Southern Africa

  1. gys wnt tourmnt at mayana village big team pls monikka


  2. Mollie Franke says:

    hi thank you for letting me see your fotos have fun – Katherine

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  3. Julia says:

    Hope you are getting on well!

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  4. Mollie Franke says:

    Safe Travels Christine and remember to take a moment and enjoy the journey.

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  5. Monika says:

    Dear Christine, my best wishes follow you on every step along the way. It was great to have you linked in to MCP’s annual general Meeting and the technical hitches we had were a great little introduction along those lines ….you will have to take it all with “african time”!
    I trust your farewell party last night was great and equaled the”emotional boarding pass”.
    re you still going strong practising your Rwukuangali?! Moro keni. Ngapi. Nowa. On engapi. Nowa. Mba!
    Yours Monika

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  6. Ulrike Offermann says:

    I’m the next follower! 🙂 Great!!!

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  7. Ingo says:

    I will follow you.

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